At Rigby Dental, we are proud of our continued success and the quality of our services. Dr. Rigby and every dental staff member work together as an integrated team to ensure efficiency and your approval. The testimonials below have been submitted by patients and reflect the great feedback we hear regularly. Stop by our friendly front desk and share your feedback about your visit.


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Jeremy R. October 2017

The staff at Rigby Dental are always professional, honest and compassionate. DR Rigby utilizes evidence based practice to improve patient outcomes while demonstrating professionalism, understanding and comprehensive dental care. I have been going to Rigby Dental for almost ten years now, receiving not only excellent care but financially manageable care. I have always had a great smile but going to Rigby Dental has rewarded me with perfect teeth to compliment that smile. I have a Grandma whom is 103 years old, I expect to live close to that age and I will continue to go to Rigby Dental for the rest of my life.

JayLynn E. November 2017

Friendly staff and amazing dentist! They will help you get the dental work needs done in a fast & professional matter. The environment is clean, neat and relaxing. I really do love the staff, they're always helpful in making sure I'm taken care of and comfortable. Dr. Rugby is friendly and awesome to help. Best staff, best Dentist, best location and best overall!!

Andrew S. October 2017

I came in on a Thursday morning for a cleaning and in office whitening. My first impression was that this was a very clean and modern looking facility. I was promptly brought back for x-rays and had a very little wait time before being seen by the hygienist. After that I met with Dr. Cohen and got the all clear before my short 20 minute in office whitening. Overall the staff is very friendly and inviting, we had to take a break during my cleaning cause we couldn't stop laughing. Dr. Cohen is very professional while at the same time comes off very easy to talk to. That always seems like a tough balance to find for some Dr's. I had a very positive experience and will definitely be back again. Thank you Rigby Dental.


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Our Patients Love us

Difficult Times, Understanding People I am very grateful that the staff of Rigby Dental always make sure we know all of our options for optimal care. They are understanding about when “life happens” and listen to us and explain everything prior to doing the work. Dr. Rigby stands by his work, and integrity is something in short supply these days. I have tried to get all my friends to go to this dentist and am glad to have them. Thank you.

Miranda R.

“The staff create a warm atmosphere. Dr. Rigby is great. I like that my kids never dread going to the dentist, due to always having a great experience. BONUS: I know they want to me floss. But they never shame for not being a flosser.”

Rick H.

“My husband and I have been going to Rigby Dental for 4 or 5 years now. We had tried a 3 other dentists in the valley prior to finding Rigby and it only took one visit to know that’s where we’d be staying. The staff is not only friendly but genuinely kind. I love getting my teeth cleaned, Connie is the best! All the girls are darling, very gentle and they explain everything very well. Dr.Rigby is very sweet, he makes you feel very comfortable. I’ve never had a negative experience in his care. The whole staff is wonderful and the offices and exam rooms are immaculately clean. We love Rigby Dental and we have the healthy smiles to prove it!”

Natalie B.

“Dr. Rigby is great. I skipped out on taking care of my teeth for years and when I started getting things taken care I was never lectured. Dr. Rigby and his staff just let me know what needed to be done and got me taken care of. They have done amazing work and my teeth have never felt better.”

Robert G.

“As a patient of Dr. Rigby’s for 8+ years my family has just adored everyone in his office. From the moment you walk in you just feel like you’re not in a dentist office. It’s more comfortable, there’s a beautiful saltwater tank with corals and tropical fish.They have a kids area in the waiting room and I’ve never had to wait more than 10-15 minutes to get called back. They have top-of-the-line rooms with state-of-the-art technology and Dr. Rigby & his staff have always provided pain-free, high quality dental work. My kids love the TVs on the ceiling so they’re not focused on what’s being done to them. Dr Rigby offers many different treatments & is very knowledgeable on all ends of it. My teeth aren’t “Hollywood” pretty, I have gaps, I drink coffee, so they’re not pearly white and I know it. I just go to Dr. Rigby twice a year for cleanings, checkups and maintenance & I’ve never had him high pressure me into getting veneers or cosmetic dentistry or whitenings even though he offers all that. Yet he’s always happy to answer my questions!! And now that my kids are teenagers he has even referred me to a fantastic oral surgeon for wisdom teeth time!!! We LOVE Rigby Dental!”

Jennifer D.

“I am pleasantly amazed that even after not being at the office for several years, the receptionists greeted me by name and asked about my children, very impressed!!!”

Candace P.

“Bridgette was a great listener and very understanding. She did a great job as well, explained everything clearly, didn’t make me feel rushed or like just another body in the chair. Dr. Rigby was great as well, seems very skilled, was a nearly pain-free visit. I like his manner, soft-spoken, very easy going, much like myself. Thanks for making a difficult day a little better.”

Allan R.

“I was fit in because I had a toothache. The Dentist took the time to do a whole root canal right then and there even if it meant staying longer then he needed it to. I was very appreciative of him and his staff.”

Ruth G.

“Hailey had no idea she got a shot! She loves everyone at the office! Thanks for making my daughter feel, important and comfortable!”

Tori B.

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