Computerized Digital Radiography Services

When we take dental X-rays, we’re looking for problems in places we can’t see. We can’t see in between your teeth. We can’t see the bone underneath your teeth. Often, we can’t see if decay is occurring in between your teeth until that decay gets quite advanced. Dental X-rays allow us to see things before they become big problems. They let us detect—and treat—any dental issues much earlier.



We use digital X-rays for faster, safer, better and smarter X-rays. This type of X-ray uses 90% less radiation, so you are safer. Images appear instantly and can be recalled instantly, magnified, colorized and reverse contrasted which allows us to make a more precise diagnosis and provide better care. This high tech diagnostic tool is one more example of how we are on the cutting edge of technology, providing you the finest treatment the science of dentistry has to offer.  


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