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All-on-4® “Teeth in a Day”

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All-on-4® “Teeth in a Day”

The All-on-4® procedure consists of placing 4-5 implants on the upper arch, and 4-5 implants on the lower arch. You do not need a dental implant for each and every one of your missing teeth.

  • Because the implants are made of titanium, they have the unique ability to fuse to living bone and function as part of it.
  • Once the implant has integrated into the bone, it serves as a strong, long-lasting foundation for your new teeth. It will also prevent future bone loss in the jaw.
  • Rigby Dental works in conjunction with our local lab to place the implants and deliver the appliance in the same day, so you really do get a fully functional set of “Teeth in a Day”!
  • After your initial surgery date and a few post-operative appointments, the implants will need time to heal and fuse to your bone.
  • Once that is done, typically 4-6 months, we take new sets of impressions to design your permanent set of teeth, which can be customized to your preferences.

How do you know if All-on-4® is the right option for you?

Rigby Dental offers a free consultation for first-time patients. At your consultation, you will receive a free 3D CT Scan. This scan will help determine if you need implants and assist in creating your treatment plan. If you are wondering if All-on-4® is right for you, simply schedule your free consultation.

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